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Our Faithful Marine 忠信簡介

Established:  In 1978


Faithful Marine is a leading boat & marine equipment company specializing in high quality boats, outboard, inboard, sterndrive engines, boat lift storage system, water skis/wakeboards, plus a comprehensive range of boat accessories, etc. We have gained our reputation for our expertise, top quality products, as well as providing excellence services.


Faithful Marine only selects great quality products from around the world and from the world's leading manufacturers. 

忠信船機工程有限公司開業於 1978 年,為業界領先的船舶及船隻設備公司,專營各種世界名廠最優質的遊艇、船外機、船內機、艉機、船隻昇降儲存系統、滑水橇/滑水板,以及各類船隻配件等,致力為所有客戶提供最優質的產品及服務。

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